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I'm a trauma survivor myself

As a child, I survived chronic sexual abuse followed by a series of abusive relationships. Finally, I sought ways to mitigate the pain my body remembered though my mind had forgotten. Through study, therapy, retreats and adjunct healing modalities, I found sustained relief. Along the way, I learned how to transform my trauma, and I've been blessed to help a few others heal, too. Trauma gets caught in the body, truth sets it free. The body knows. And it can heal itself with a little guidance.
If you'd like a conversation about what I do  and how I do it, please reach out.
I'd love to help you transform your stumbling blocks into stepping stones,
and uncover a healthier, happier you.

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Healing Services

I am trained in and utilize several healing modalities which together accelerate relief of physical and emotional symptoms from stored trauma.


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Sound Therapy

A Japanese healing technique tapping into our Chi, or life force energy centres. Through gentle touch and intention, Reiki is designed to reduce stress and promote healing by aligning those energy centres.


Through tonal sound, music and specialist instruments, sound healing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, the opposite of fight or flight response. Sound healing can slow your breath, heart and your brainwaves to a restorative state which activates the body's self healing system, where wellbeing can be accessed.


Trauma Truth Therapy

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries. When essential oils are inhaled, the scent molecules travel from the olfactory nerves to the brain impacting the emotional center of the brain. This calms anxiety, reduces pain, improves mood, and promotes relaxation.

Sometimes, to make great changes we must ask ourselves the hard questions.

Trauma Truth Therapy is a variation of talk therapy geared towards taking accountability of one's own life, despite the circumstances. This involves the teaching and implementing of healthy tools and strategies to live a fuller, more meaningful life, based on telling the truth to ourselves first.

Common Symptoms of Trapped Trauma
  • ​anxiety and depression

  • nutritional and digestive issues / eating disorders

  • ADHD related symptoms / lack of purpose /  motivation

  • Fibromyalgia/immune system disorders

  • Self-harm / lack of self-care 

  • Inability to maintain healthy relationships

I offer an initial Complimentary Session


I believe it is imperative that my clients feel comfortable and safe during any treatment. For that reason, the best way to determine if that is true for you is for us to meet and experience a session together. I offer that opportunity at no cost to you. 

Mel Haslett 

Picton, Ontario

"Working with Val over the past 10 months has been life-changing. By her example, I'm learning self-care and emotional self-regulation.
I am so grateful."

Taylor Sokay

Port Hope, Ontario

Val's unwavering support, profound wisdom, and compassionate care have been instrumental in restoring harmony to my mind body and spirit.
I am immensely grateful."

Kelly Ball

Oshawa, Ontario

"Our session was a transformative experience, profoundly impactful... I had clarity and calm after our session. Val's ability to connect with her clients is remarkable..."
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